Monday, March 30, 2015

Leading international business professor to talk on strategy at Unisa SBL

Best-selling author and strategist Professor A.J ‘Lonnie’ Strickland will deliver an insightful seminar on strategy at the Unisa Graduate School of Business Leadership  (SBL) on Tuesday, 12 May from 8h30 to 17h00.  Entitled ‘The last 40 years of strategy and the next 40’, the seminar will be followed by a networking function. 

Professor Strickland is well known to strategy students and graduates as the co-author of the best-selling strategy textbook worldwide, Crafting and Executing Strategy, now in its 20th edition and used in more than 900 universities including the SBL in its Master of Business Leadership (MBL) programme. 

Professor Strickland currently holds the rank of John R. Miller Professor of Strategic Management in the Graduate School of Business at the University of Alabama. He has been teaching there for 46 years and has seen over 20,000 students go through his classroom.  He has been awarded various accolades for his outstanding work and is also a member of various honour leadership societies.

Strickland has gathered notable experience in his business as well as his academic career. He has vast experience in consulting as well as executive development training programmes in the strategic management area with a concentration in industry and competitive analysis. He serves on several corporate boards, focusing on boards where the company is going through transition. In the international arena he has done extensive work in Europe, the Middle East, Central America, Southeast Asia, Australia and Africa. 

Prof Strickland is the author of fifteen books and texts.
“We’re delighted to be able to offer students and our business and public sector networks the opportunity to hear from globally renowned thought leaders  like Professor Strickland on business issues,” says Dr. Renosi Mokate, SBL Executive Director and CEO.   “As a leading business school, we’re developing vital skills that can be applied to the competitive issues faced by South African businesses and exposure to international thinking is an important part of this.”

The seminar is open to the public at a registration cost of R3,500.  Please contact Thina Gwiliza on (011) 652 0334 or to book your place. More information can be found at

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