Monday, February 23, 2015

Professor Khalil Osiris offers Each One Teach One Immediate and Sustainable Behavioural Change Interventions

Professor Khalil Osiris
Each One Teach One a show for parents and teens facing social, health and developmental challenges in their family relationships and social environments returns to SABC2 this week.

Fani Matsebane, commissioning editor at SABC Education says “few parents, caregivers or educators, feel adequately equipped to deal with educational, emotional and social issues that their children must overcome.  Each One Teach One is an anchor in the triangular relationship between learner, parent and educator; the show shares experiences of parent, educator and child challenges with others in a similar situation.  Each One Teach One is able to share successful approaches used by others who have been on the same journey.

This season introduces Professor Khalil Osiris as an agent for positive change in the lives of youth, parents and educators.  As an internationally recognised expert on restorative justice practices and cognitive behavioural personal change, Professor Osiris’ experiences are firmly anchored on personal experience having spent 20 years of his life in prison. While there, Professor Osiris earned his bachelor, honours and master’s degrees from Boston University, transforming his life and emerging from prison with a deep understanding of how to use personal crisis as opportunities for self-improvement.  His passion for South Africa was inspired by his admiration for the compassion and leadership of Nelson Mandela.  He is committed to making substantial positive change to the lives of SA’s youth through interventions that break the patterns of inappropriate or dangerous behaviours.

Each week Professor Osiris meets a new family facing the pressures of raising a young person in crisis; using experience and tested techniques he offers immediate and sustainable behavioural change interventions.  The issues tackled reflect the realities of our youth, ranging from substance abuse, promiscuity, teen-pregnancy and crime to learning challenges, social, emotional and physical dysfunction and ‘just your basic bad attitude.’

Each One Teach One is fortunate to have secured Professor Osiris; he helps to bring families together, to a normalised family and school environment, effectively bringing them from a dark place of crisis into the light.  Every day we learn how to cope with our challenges a little better, a small learning for one may be a major breakthrough for another.  Each One Teach One helps parents and educators to understand their children and the demands of schooling activities, social lives, emotional and personal growth changes and to use this understanding to support them during the senior phase at school” ends Matsebane.

Each One Teach One season three will air on SABC2 Fridays at 11am from 27 February for 26 weeks.

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