Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Activate! Limpopo launches the first Rural Station in Mphanama GaKgaphola.

On the 7nth September, Activate! Leadership Limpopo branch affirmed its commitment of helping Activators by launching the first semi equipped connecting stations at Ga-Kgaphola, Mphanama village in Fetakgomo Municipality, Sekhukhune District Municipality.
The station was officially opened by the Activate Limpopo Provincial Connector, Koketso Marishane. A number of audacious prospective Activators from around Sekhukhune District (GaKgaphola-Mphanama, GaMashabela, GaRadingoana, GaNchabeleng, GaMaila and Diphagane among others) defied fickle conditions and attended the event.

The station is housed at the Barcelona Radingwana Football Club (Fetakgomo Community Development and Research) in partnership with the Department of Social Development and has office furniture such as chairs, tables and office equipment such as a desktop computer without internet. Activators can use the multi-purpose station as the meeting space, developing their projects and Activator focus group workshops.

According to Marishane, the station is one of the “Going Beyond” project that ACTIVATE! support system committed itself to set up in a bid to help Activators prosper in their projects. Besides the “Going Beyond” promise, ACTIVATE! noticed that there’re numerous social change drivers who are trying their best to get their projects off the ground but due to lack of resources such as an office space and professional meeting spaces, they resort to moving elsewhere. That is where the idea of transforming existing spaces like libraries, vacant rooms, internet cafes, vacant safe usable buildings into stations came about.

"As the organization, we’ve noticed Activators struggles and heard their cries. We have seen most of them trying their best, but, at times the odds are too much for an individual to bear hence we couldn’t simply sit back and watch our family members continue struggling. As a caring family, it rests upon us to make a change. That is how the idea of the ‘Station’ came about”, said Marishane.

According to the Bophelong Health Centre Director, Sir. S P Kgaphola, Activate! came at the right time when the youth are searching for greener pastures.

“We live an information age where most things either gain or loose value in an instant. What you may know today may not be relevant tomorrow due to the nature of how things operate. It’s therefore extremely crucial that we capitalise on the resources invested in us and show appreciation. It’s in this regard that we’re highly grateful to Activate! Change Drivers Limpopo branch under the leadership of Koketso Marishane that they’ve considered to grace us by their presence today. Not only do we take honour in them, but also, remain appreciative for their consideration to visit us as we’re very much aware that their schedules are busy”, said the Director for Bophelong Health Centre, Sir. SP Kgaphola.

Activate! Change Drivers South Africa embarked on a journey early this year to digitise the country. The first phase of supporting the ‘Going Beyond Program’ is a continuous phase as recruitment never stops. The second phase is to initiate stations where Activators are based.

“We’ve already introduced ourselves to the Chairperson of the House of Traditional Leaders in Limpopo Province, His Majesty Kgoshi Dikgale thus we’re now grateful for the blessings bestowed unto us by the Kgaphola Royal Council in Mphanama village. It shows a strong commitment that our people are led by visionary leadership”, said Marishane.

The Department of Social Development in the region sent their message of support commending the initiative taken by both Bophelong Centre and Activate! Change Drivers. “We’re excited to hear the news about Activate! Change Drivers partnering with Bophelong Health Centre in Mphanama to address some of the challenges faced by the community residents in the area. It’s indeed a progressive step in the right direction towards improving the lives of our people. Service has finally come to the people of Mphanama”, said the Director of Social Development in Fetakgomo, Sir. P Makua.

“We’ve agreed to partner with Activate! Change Drivers Limpopo Province because we’ve witnessed the brilliance they produce in the various communities across the province thus we had to extend an open invitation to them for collaboration. After all, our mandate is to serve the people within the communities we work in thus we’re simply trying to meet Activate! Change Drivers halfway in their quest towards delivering positive service for the betterment of the country. It’s with this in mind that we urge the people to take advantage of the opportunities presented to them by making use of the space as their other home. We strongly encourage people to start being pro-active citizens of the country and with Activate! Change Drivers on board, we’re delighted that the deficiencies will be lesser if not totally eradicated because we’ve already studied their materials and we’re in full support of their programs. As you may see, the place is still new and needs plenty of resources- please do feel free to donate tools that will contribute to your wellbeing, the wellbeing of this community and the country. Those who are studying can make use of the facility as their library or anything that will contribute to their development as active citizens of the community before the country”, concluded the Director for Bophelong Centre in Mphanama, SP Kgaphola.

Activators who virtually attended the launch commended Activate! Limpopo for considering Mphanama for a station.
Activator Forgiveness Kgaphola and Rufas Mamodishi who hail from Fetakgomo Municipality sent their messages of support commending on the progressive move Activate! has taken in the quest for community development focusing on youth.

“Mphanama is a deep rural village in Limpopo. Most people here are illiterate and poverty affected. Those who manage to escape the disease of illiteracy, either end up living in the big cities where they work or resort to living in other communities in the country. It’s with this in mind that we’re grateful for the opportunity presented to us as members of the Activate! organisation because the station will help us to develop ourselves. It’s a sign that Activate! is serious about its people centred philosophy”, said Activator Kgaphola.

The local political councillor also sent their support for the initiative saying that 'they wish Activate! Change Drivers everything of the best in its endeavours towards improving the lives of the people. 

 “We welcome the move by Activate! Change Drivers to have a youth centred community driven developmental place in our community. We also commend you, Koketso Marishane as the leadership driving Activate! Change Drivers in the province for the remarkable work you’ve done, you’re doing and will continue to do. You can be rest assured that we shall support you in your projects as you continue moving forward in your efforts to improve the lives of our people”, concluded the GaKgaphola Mphanama Royal Council.

Activate! will be opening more stations in the province and the country to make life better for the youth though above all else, we highly urge youth in/from South Africa to join the program by dialling *120*16000# from their phones applying via the website.

BA Kgaphola (Kgaphola Royal Council), Koketso Marishane (Activate! Limpopo) and SP Kgaphola (Bophelong Centre)

For more information, please do contact the following:
Koketso Marishane- Activate! Change Drivers Limpopo Provincial Connector: 0825443070 /
Powder Kgaphola- Bophelong Health Centre- Director: 0828131705

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