Tuesday, June 10, 2014

TjoTjo and Corruption (Bribery and Corruption) on Shift Tuesday 10 June 11h00 to 12h00 pm only on SABC1

Tjo-tjo is South African slang for bribery. It’s not just about bribes, though; corruption is the misuse of power or position for personal gain. Enrichment through any of the following activities can be interpreted as corrupt behavior: bribery, kickbacks and graft, influence peddling and patronage, favoritism, nepotism, ghost workers and illegitimate absenteeism in the workplace, zid-rigging, price-fixing, arbitrage and profiteering, cartels and collusion, electoral fraud and tender and procurement irregularities.

Bribery is an increasingly common way for people in positions of authority to fill their personal coffers by scaring people or withholding services. Have you been a victim of this crime?
According to Corruption Watch - corruption is an obstacle to democracy and the rule of law. It intimidates people, undermines government and threatens development and our economy. It renders societies unfair – accountable political leadership cannot develop in an atmosphere of corruption.

On this day we will discuss both problems and solutions related to this matter and why we should mobilise all South African’s to fight and report corruption?

Our questions to you are:
·         Are you an African youth concerned about corruption on the continent?
·         Do you believe your future is in any way threatened by corrupt practices?
·         Do you believe that corruption in South Africa is something that is holding South Africa back?
·         Would you say that most corruption in South Africa?
·         When it comes to who is to blame for corruption, who do you think is most to blame?
Poll Question:
Have you or anyone close to you been a victim of Tjo-Tjo?
Answer YES or NO   …and tell us why.
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