Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What’s Happened to Indigenous Games?

Ratanang, The Parenting Club
Episode 3
3 June 2011

What’s Happened to Indigenous Games?

Remember your childhood days, rushing home from school, changing out of uniforms and heading outside to play? In the streets the loud sounds of cheer, laughter and dismay could be heard. Boys and girls would be showing off their skills at ‘kgati’, ‘diketo’, ‘chicago’, ‘eggy’ or ‘mgusha’. These games would be played until late into the evening until parents were heard calling children to come inside and telling friends to go home.

These days, children rush home from school and head straight for the couch, kitchen, computer and portable games. Why do our children no longer play? Watch Ratanang, The Parenting Club on Friday 3rd June at 10h50 on SABC2, we meet 16-year old Sandile from Soweto, who prefers visiting malls to being out in the streets.

Phumi Mashigo explores the importance for children to play, she says “interaction and team spirit between kids is vital, but kids don’t play anymore and we need to understand why. Watch Ratanang, The Parenting Club where we give parents the best means to cope with the challenges of raising children in today's society.”

Ratanang, The Parenting Club, is produced by Whatwewant for SABC Education for broadcast on SABC2 Fridays at 10h50 starting 20 May 2011. Ratanang, The Parenting Club informs, educates and sheds light on the ever-changing world of parent and child relationships.

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